bio writing

You, there, making beautiful stuff! Do you get asked for a bio about making beautiful stuff but would rather not have to write about it and just keep on making your beautiful stuff?

Let me write your bio! As a musician, poet, and Person in Grad School for Writing, I have just the toolbelt for this task. It’s an honor to be trusted enough to get to know the depth of an artist’s work and find a way to condense it into something succinct but evocative of all that it is.

See a few examples below:

Album/press release bio for Sun Seeker

Spotify bio for Abby Johnson

Bandcamp bio for Ziona Riley

Like life itself, I operate on a sliding scale. These are the ranges I’m willing to work within, and these are the kinds of bios I’ve written thus far; but I’m open to working with you on a different kind of project, too! Reach out on the contact form with your specific needs and we’ll work it out.

Bandcamp Bio (up to 400 words) – $75 – $100

Spotify Bio (500-1000 words) – $150 – $250

Press release for your record or book (1000 words; plus formatting for press release) – $250 – $350