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“Lou Turner is one of the most promising indie rock songwriters in Nashville right now to my ears. She’s actually Lauren Turner, she is not only a musician, but a poet and a librarian and this project is called SONGS FOR JOHN VENN. So as a librarian, Lauren Turner is interested in how archiving is a creative act and how categorizing is a creative act. And she became fascinated with John Venn. You know how you feel a kinship with a historical figure? She was feeling that with John Venn. So his life kind of inspired this set of songs.And I really get such a Pavement vibe from what she does. That kind of brainy, angular rock with really brilliant lyrics that challenge you a little bit but are very rewarding in the end. And I also really love her voice, I love the kind of inquisitveness of the way she sings. She’s just an adventurous singer within the frameworks she’s created. So this is one of my favorite new discoveries.” NPR’s Ann Powers

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