freelance services


It’s an honor to be trusted with condensing the depth of someone’s work into something succinct yet evocative of its fullness. My experience is primarily in music bios (for Spotify / Bandcamp / etc.) and press releases; but I’m comfortable working in other formats, too.

See a few samples below:

Press release + Bio for Joe Kenkel’s Naturale

Album/press release bio for Sun Seeker

Spotify bio for Abby Johnson


Below are the bio formats I’ve written so far, but I’m open to working on a different kind of project, too! Reach out with your specific needs and we’ll work it out. All pricing is sliding scale and flexible:

Bandcamp Bio (up to 400 words) – $75 – 100

Spotify Bio (500-1000 words) – $150- $300

Album One-Sheet (500 words/one-sheet formatting) $150-200

Press release for your record or book (1000 words) – $200 – 300

Editing / Consultations for Creative Writing Manuscripts

My editing experience is primiarly with poetry and non-fiction / micro-reviews, but I’m open to working with you on any creative writing projects.


$35-50 / hourly rate (reach out at the contact form to discuss details!)

Recording on Your Music

I’ve contributed remote recording to projects from Michael Cormier-O’Leary, DoomFolk Starter Kit, Sally Ann Morgan, Ned Collette and others — I would love to collaborate and hear what you’re working on (and if you’re in Nashville, we can do it in-person in my studio space, as well!).

Instrumentation: background vocals, flute, guitar, bass


$35-50 / hourly rate (reach out at the contact form to discuss details!)